The Harvest Festival Incident

Captain Ξ’s Log.
11.03.XX, 01:00 hours.
I believe a sufficient amount of time has passed since the unfortunate incident at the Harvest Festival that I am allowed to divulge this information. At 16:00 on 10.29.XX, we had received intel that NX1 was planning to infect the populace of ▓▓▓ a small town in ▓▓▓. Our esteemed general Ζ insisted that he accompany Captain Ψ and me to the festival on the grounds that, quote “Of course that greedy fucker’s gonna be there,” unquote. NX1 is extremely dangerous and unpredictable, though the same can be said for the general. Both are ticking time bombs hell-bent on destroying the fibers of existence. But…I digress. After Ψ suggested we dress up in costume to “blend in,” the general threw a hissy fit: “I’m not a bloody tourist lookin’ to smash pumpkins an’ eat candy.”
After arguing that he should listen to the head of Intel, I joined Ψ in dressing for the occasion. General Ζ put in about as much effort to blend in as expected, merely covering his pajamas with an oversized t-shirt that read “This IS My Costume.”
On 10.30.XX, we departed HQ, leaving the lieutenants and directors in charge as this mission would most likely require all three pillars to be present. We stayed outside ▓▓▓ at an inn that was a small bus ride to our destination. We couldn’t entirely operate in the town, as we would surely arouse suspicion. Before parting from HQ, Ψ suggested that we glamour ourselves to blend in further. This was a good call, especially after taking a look at some of the locals. They would have certainly sussed us out as aliens or ghosts or whatever unnatural phenomena they’ve drummed up in their imagination. General Ζ, as he usually is, was completely zoned out the second we landed. In this instance, however, he would constantly pace and stare out the window as opposed to somehow finding another stupid video game to smush his ugly mug into. While grateful he hadn’t committed to being sedentary as he usually was, the general’s behavior greatly concerned Ψ and me.

After a long night (we required rest in these temporary forms), we ate breakfast and visited the shore. This seemed to lighten general Ζ’s mood, as he managed to arrange an off-shore fishing trip. We operated on a catch-and-release procedure so as not as to affect the environment we were just visiting. General Ζ fished up an odd black claw. Just like that, he stiffened back into that cold, silent golem.
Sunset approached and the festival would be starting soon. We took the next bus into town, and Captain Ψ set out to locate the ▓▓▓, which we needed to banish NX1 and return home. I assisted them in this search, but nothing turned up save for tiny white crystals in a small cave. The analysis confirmed that these crystals were in their initial stage of growth and had been stalled for some time. NX1 was here in ▓▓▓, but it hadn’t reared its head.

When the festival began, all seemed normal. The locals were unassuming…no one really stood out to us. There was a haunted maze near the town’s center that piqued Luke’s interest–so much so that he disappeared inside without warning. Captain Ψ and I quickly pursued him into the maze and caught up to him. I of course had a go at him for acting impulsively, and we continued the journey through the maze together. Some of the scares were cute, I suppose…but some pillock had it in ‘im to jump out and try to startle us. And this, of course, is when Valor, one of General Ζ’s firearms, was discharged–into the kneecaps of an innocent civilian. Let me be the first to admit I lost my cool, as it is rare for me to do so while out in the field, but off record, I WISH I COULD BREAK ‘IS BLOODY FINGERS SOMETIMES.
It turns out, however, the general did hit his mark, however haphazardly he did so. We located blackening splotches of blood on the ground behind the victim. After swiftly moving the victim away and evacuating the town center, we treated the victim’s gunshot wound and moved to search the town and calm its denizens. Unfortunately, save for the blackening blood, we found no trace of NX1. Even sampling every townsperson’s blood turned up fruitless. Ψ checked the cave outside of town and reported that the crystals had grown slightly but ultimately went dormant. This confirmed NX1 was in fact here but left after unknown circumstances, presumably that General Ζ mortally wounded it in its weakened state. We left the town after paying damages, but I’m certain that will have been in vain. Memories of us should have faded by sunrise…

This message is intended for internal use only and has been classified by the Rebel faction of the Hunters as confidential. Those with ranks Agent and up are allowed to view but not distribute this article.

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