Artist’s Log: Behind the Scenes – The Kingdom of Platinum

Hey there!  I wanted to pause, zoom in, and show you details about the kingdom of platinum! Platinia is a kingdom rife with conflict, which I briefly touch on in RfS. After that, I’m still determining how deeply I’ll go into it. I’m hoping, however, to paint enough of a picture so readers can get the general context and form conclusions independently. So! Let’s look at the people of Luke and Gale’s home kingdom together. I’m still determining how often you’ll see these characters pop up in Rose for Shurinai, but I wanted to show the old character concept art I had for the last surviving refugees. I have planned for Toma to be a regularly recurring character, so there’s that! I’m planning out some juicy details, like the relationship between Toma and the knights, what’s stalking the refugees, and how much of…

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The Harvest Festival Incident

Captain Ξ’s Log.11.03.XX, 01:00 hours.I believe a sufficient amount of time has passed since the unfortunate incident at the Harvest Festival that I am allowed to divulge this information. At 16:00 on 10.29.XX, we had received intel that NX1 was planning to infect the populace of ▓▓▓ a small town in ▓▓▓. Our esteemed general Ζ insisted that he accompany Captain Ψ and me to the festival on the grounds that, quote “Of course that greedy fucker’s gonna be there,” unquote. NX1 is extremely dangerous and unpredictable, though the same can be said for the general. Both are ticking time bombs hell-bent on destroying the fibers of existence. But…I digress. After Ψ suggested we dress up in costume to “blend in,” the general threw a hissy fit: “I’m not a bloody tourist lookin’ to smash pumpkins an’ eat candy.”After arguing…

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Nagi’s Taken Over the TwistedFates Twitter!

Last month, Twitter users voted for the Corruption to take over TwistedFates on Twitter! With that win, Nagi’s crept on and given a warm hello to all! Ah boy, he’s rather excited, isn’t he? And he wasted no time, either… So what’s that mean? When Corruption “Hungers,” it wants to infect someone or something. And sure enough, Nagi’s been reaching out and grabbing all manner of people and creatures, including but not limited to vampires, dragons, and more to come. Of course, Nagi wants to remind you all that he’s not evil. He and his children just look scary. ;3 So! Want to interact with the Corruption itself? Shoot Nagi a question or send his gift to an OC! Nagi will appreciate it. <3

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Project Updates (9.12.21)

TwistedFates on Twitter! We’ve blown the dust off of the TwistedFates Twitter, @TwistedFatesS! Here, we’ll be announcing project updates and playing a bit of a game with our followers there: On the third week of every month, a poll will open up that will determine which side (Corruption or the Rebels) will “control” the TwistedFates Twitter. A random character (from a selection of characters) will then be picked, and that character will tweet about events in the webtoon, milestones on Twitter, etc! Users will be able to ask the characters questions, and if they happen to be a patron, their answer will come with a drawing of Luke answering them (so make sure you let me know what your Twitter handle is on Patreon)! The account will also be used to host giveaways of TwistedFates merch and art. Updated Patreon…

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TwistedFates: A Primer

Hey there! The purpose of this article is to give you a quick rundown on TwistedFates, as far as the lore goes. There will be spoiler-y things, and I will do my best to contain those within the appropriate tags, so that you can read at your own risk. Some lore points may get tweaked here and there, and I ask you to bear with me while I figure this stuff out. A lot of edits and ideas come about from talking about the lore with all of you! The Main Plot After the birth of La Seri, a sentient virus that calls itself “Corruption” emerges from the tundra, determined to unite everyone and everything by infecting what and whoever it can. Many brave Serians have risen to the occasion to protect the innocent from the insatiable virus, including Luke…

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Rose for Shurinai (the webtoon) is LIVE!

Read on Webtoons! Read on Tapas! The Webtoon is LIVE! On the summer solstice, the Rose for Shurinai webcomic made the jump into webtoon format. I’m happy to make this change and look forward to the challenges and opportunities the vertical format brings! It’s readable on Tapas and Webtoon, so feel free to read and share it around to your heart’s content! Rose for Shurinai: Getting Ready… [spoiler style=”gold”] After the confrontation in the Saphra Mountains, Xenon Naginata, Incubus the Benevolent, and Destiny the Malevolent were sealed away in three sacred charms. Luke Hirigani, an Echo of Corruption, forced himself into a coma the second he realized the virus was trying to use him to resurrect itself. As time passed, the Corruption virus’s influence faded, though most of those infected began losing their minds. Gale Shurinai, an Ex-Corrupted (or Ex…

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Really, What IS TwistedFates?

It’s an entire world! There are a few novels, there’s an animation, there’s a webcomic, and there will ONE DAY be a game! The basic story is that there’s a sentient virus that wants to take over the world–no–EXISTENCE ITSELF! That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. The sentient virus’s name is Xenon Naginata or the “Corruption virus” to others. He goes by many monikers, “Father” being the most used by his followers. He takes on many forms, the most well-known being a 9-foot tall, pale Oniyan. He loves his family. He loves the arts. And he LOVES the idea of becoming one with everyone and everything. He spreads messages of love and togetherness, and he dislikes violence and suffering. Unfortunately, his idea of peace and togetherness includes assimilation. Besides, if everyone’s essentially the same, there won’t be room…

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