TwistedFates – The War Against Corruption Has Begun.

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Ambrosia is a magical world with otherworldly beauties and horrors alike. Join our heroes as they fight a never-ending war against a sentient virus!

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TwistedFates: For Better or Worse

It’s no surprise that Luke Hirigani hates his eldest son, Cid. So when his ex-boss finds out that he’s been making attempts to kill him, he winds up in trouble. Then, the two have to collaborate to put down an old nemesis. Will Luke be able to fight his inner demons and aid in the fight, or will he relapse and return to the dark side?

TwistedFates: .introspection.

Witness the three pillars’ stories in the fight against Corruption: Gale, the grieving Oracle-to-be, who struggles to make amends with his friend’s death. Luke, the powerful gunslinger who looks back on his past. Terry, the young techno mage who fears for the future. These three Serians share the same fate, eventually leading to the founding of the Hunter faction’s sword: the Rebels.

TwistedFates: A Rose for Shurinai

After the death of a friend and the end of a massive war, Gale Shurinai fights their inner demons almost every day. Will they overcome the power of an eldritch virus, or will they be consumed by it?