Rose for Shurinai (the webtoon) is LIVE!

The Webtoon is LIVE!

On the summer solstice, the Rose for Shurinai webcomic made the jump into webtoon format. I’m happy to make this change and look forward to the challenges and opportunities the vertical format brings! It’s readable on Tapas and Webtoon, so feel free to read and share it around to your heart’s content!

Rose for Shurinai: Getting Ready…

[spoiler style=”gold”] After the confrontation in the Saphra Mountains, Xenon Naginata, Incubus the Benevolent, and Destiny the Malevolent were sealed away in three sacred charms. Luke Hirigani, an Echo of Corruption, forced himself into a coma the second he realized the virus was trying to use him to resurrect itself. As time passed, the Corruption virus’s influence faded, though most of those infected began losing their minds. Gale Shurinai, an Ex-Corrupted (or Ex for short), was no exception to this rule.

Between trying to reach Andy and fighting off the brewing madness in their mind, Gale learns a disturbing truth about just what it means to be an Ex. They attempt to stop Luke from killing Travis Naginata in a confused rampage before he could finish the rite. Ultimately, Luke failed to stop the rite, and Corruption had awakened once again. [/spoiler]

The Present

The Sleeping Prince, having woken up after successfully summoning his father, sends Andy and his unit to capture Gale. Gale hasn’t seen Andy since he collapsed in Auron. Now, they’ve found their dear friend under the mask of a Noble Guardian….

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