Nagi’s Taken Over the TwistedFates Twitter!

Last month, Twitter users voted for the Corruption to take over TwistedFates on Twitter! With that win, Nagi’s crept on and given a warm hello to all!

Ah boy, he’s rather excited, isn’t he? And he wasted no time, either…

So what’s that mean? When Corruption “Hungers,” it wants to infect someone or something. And sure enough, Nagi’s been reaching out and grabbing all manner of people and creatures, including but not limited to vampires, dragons, and more to come.

Bacoose’s Atiyos.
North’s sona.

Of course, Nagi wants to remind you all that he’s not evil. He and his children just look scary. ;3

So! Want to interact with the Corruption itself? Shoot Nagi a question or send his gift to an OC! Nagi will appreciate it. <3

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