Project Updates (9.12.21)

TwistedFates on Twitter!

We’ve blown the dust off of the TwistedFates Twitter, @TwistedFatesS! Here, we’ll be announcing project updates and playing a bit of a game with our followers there: On the third week of every month, a poll will open up that will determine which side (Corruption or the Rebels) will “control” the TwistedFates Twitter. A random character (from a selection of characters) will then be picked, and that character will tweet about events in the webtoon, milestones on Twitter, etc!

Users will be able to ask the characters questions, and if they happen to be a patron, their answer will come with a drawing of Luke answering them (so make sure you let me know what your Twitter handle is on Patreon)!

The account will also be used to host giveaways of TwistedFates merch and art.

Updated Patreon Tiers and Rewards!

There are now a total of 5 tiers on our Patreon campaign, one of which is the new “Father’s Child” tier for users 18 and up. Members of this tier will get monthly access to mature content on The perks for the pre-existing tiers have also been updated and streamlined. More details will be on the Patreon page!

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