Really, What IS TwistedFates?

It’s an entire world! There are a few novels, there’s an animation, there’s a webcomic, and there will ONE DAY be a game! The basic story is that there’s a sentient virus that wants to take over the world–no–EXISTENCE ITSELF! That’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

The sentient virus’s name is Xenon Naginata or the “Corruption virus” to others. He goes by many monikers, “Father” being the most used by his followers. He takes on many forms, the most well-known being a 9-foot tall, pale Oniyan. He loves his family. He loves the arts. And he LOVES the idea of becoming one with everyone and everything. He spreads messages of love and togetherness, and he dislikes violence and suffering. Unfortunately, his idea of peace and togetherness includes assimilation. Besides, if everyone’s essentially the same, there won’t be room for prejudice, right?

Well, not everyone agrees with Corruption. That is, not everyone believes that its method of uniting everyone and everything is necessarily ethical. Enter Luke Hirigani, a broody gunslinger who used to be infected with the Corruption virus. After a dramatic turn of events, Luke escaped from the Corruption with his friend, Gale Shurinai, and his pupil, Terry Livingston. Ever since he was treated, he’s vowed to protect everyone from the virus no matter what. He, Gale, and Terry founded the Rebels, leading the assault against the virus before it consumes all in its wake. There’s just…a teensy problem. As time went on, Luke lost his motivation, only to rise when Xenon himself reared his monstrous head.

But when Luke gets up out of that chair of his, expect some DRASTIC measures to be taken.

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